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Violence in the Workplace- Peak of Toxicity

Workplace violence is trending upward again- in step with the push to return to the office. Two million (!!) Americans are victims of workplace violence each year- ranging from physical aggression to sexual assault to the ultimate act of violence- murder. Victims of workplace violence are overwhelmingly male- 75%- as are fatalities (88% of workplace fatalities are male). Of particular concern? More than half of HR professionals are unaware of their own companies' workplace violence protection program, 79% of companies are unprepared for an active shooter, and half of the employees do not feel employers do enough to keep them safe. If employers are not protecting their employees from physical, and psychological harm, could corporate America be sitting on a powder keg? Clearly, there is significant work to be done. Join our hosts and extraordinary returning guest, Mary Marbach, corporate counsel extraordinaire, as we discuss this critical topic- and what can be done.


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