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Toxic Behaviors We Love To Hate

Forget chocolates and roses—Stella and Roberta are serving up a brew of workplace reality in the Toxic Tea Room podcast. In this episode, they're dissecting the love-hate dynamics of Valentine's Day and how it mirrors our relationships with toxic work practices. From the passive-aggressive notes to the stifling effect of micromanagement, they're spilling the tea on what makes workplaces tick... or explode. Get ready for a dose of tough love and hard truths that will make you rethink your office dynamics.

Your hosts will cover off-putting toxicity like office romances (and the subsequent favoritism), micro-management ("Don't stand/Don't stand so/Don't stand so close to me"), poor communication (why speak when you can scream?) and many more.  Grab your coffee or champagne glass- we don't judge here- and commiserate with the Queens of Anti-Mean.  Wait- is that even a thing? Who is writing the show notes this week? Seek help, for heaven's sake!

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If scripting or journaling is more your style, we recommend Therapy Notebooks!

Finally, after a brief hiatus, we have curated a Spotify list sure to jazz up your Valentine's Day- Toxic Tearoom style! Enjoy! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Send us your stories for a future episode!

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