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The tea we DON'T want you to spill!

We encourage mass tea spillage; however, the Republic of Tea's Hibiscus tea should be savored, not spilled. We love this tea!

Ruby red Nigerian hibiscus blossoms shine in the Natural Hibiscus Tea juicy, herbal blend. Hibiscus delivers hints of berry and bright citrus flavors. This bold, tropical infusion is pure refreshment either served hot or over ice. Sip this pure effervescent hibiscus tea to enjoy your own summer day in the tropics!

And look- fall is breathing down our necks like an insecure manager, so stock up on soul-warming, spirit-soothing teas from the Republic of Tea. Spend $30 before 8/20/2023 to get that amazing Hibiscus tea for the low, low cost of FREE!

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