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Scary Times and Systemic Bias- Prayers and Protection

Today's Israel is equal parts holy land and hell; your worldview determines which side you view as which, though the reality is far more fluid than fixed. The conflict is both foreign and familiar, distant and next door all at once. The issues are simple, yet complex; death is the singularity that underscores the shouts from protestors and screams of suddenly orphaned children. The headlines are terrifying; the images crush your soul. As of this recording, there is still no end in sight, and as people elevate their voices in solidarity behind one flag or another, blood continues to stain the ground where the prophets once preached. The confinement and the dehumanization are echoes of a past so horrible that we thought it would never be repeated. All of the horrors are displayed before us on every news channel, and every social media outlet, and every day the growls of Anti-Semitic and Islamaphobia grow from whispers to screams. In fact, Anti-Semitic and Islamaphobic incidents are on a sharp rise around the world, including the USA. The same toxic behavior covered extensively on this podcast- from mobbing to microaggressions- is explosive when passions around this issue, marinated in one's own implicit or explicit bias, are brought to the surface in the workplace. Employees in marginalized and under-represented populations are particularly vulnerable right now; employers must take care to ensure not only the inclusivity of these groups but also their safety. On this special podcast, your hosts are joined by employment attorney powerhouse Mahir Nisar and returning guest and co-author of the Workplace Psychological Safety Act, Deb Falzoi, for an honest discussion of how to navigate through this perilous time with safety, inclusivity, and most of all, dignity. Due to the serious topic nature, a Spotify list will not accompany this episode. Toxic Tearoom LinkedIn Page Nisar Law Group Workplace Psychological Safety Act- Learn more and make a difference! Dignity Together- Screw the Hierarchy Podcast Workplace Justice Podcast (site link; also streaming on various platforms) Islamaphobia and Anti-Semitism On the Rise- Guardian Healing Justice- World Trust Organization (downloadable conversation guide) Support the show

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