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Santa's Naughty List

Things can get out of control pretty quickly at office parties, but that is not the only thing that can get you on the naughty list!

In this second installment of holiday parties, your hosts are joined by Robert Bain, a veteran of the transportation industry, husband, father, and, oh, one of the strongest human beings in the USA- and the Strongest Man in Logistics. Do you think you are stronger than Bain (as he likes to be called)? Bring receipts or it didn't happen.  Bain has squatted over 1,000 pounds (or 453kg for our international audience)! 

Bain has also seen many questionable things happen at holiday parties, some of which he shares in this episode. Dancing on tables past 2 AM? Check.  Hookups? Check.  Bad gift exchanges? Yes! All this and more as we cover the behavior that will get you fired and behavior that should get you on Santa's Naughty List at the bare minimum.

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