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Psychopaths, Bossholes and More

Updated: May 10, 2023

You may have joked that your boss is a psycho- but what if it is actually true? Not the Norman Bates-level psychotic maniac- but your likable, larger-than-life successful boss that is impulsive, narcissistic, and lacks empathy. Our inaugural episode discusses how to recognize the key signs that you are working for a psychopath versus just your regular bosshole. We cover the B-Scan 360 test for corporate psychopathy, share our own ToxiciTea test for identifying psychopaths in the workplace and offer advice for how to handle working for a psychopath. You'll learn about the U.S. Surgeon General warning issued in October 2022 about disrespectful and cutthroat workplaces as now being a hazard to your health and how the Sunday Suck can take over your whole weekend. We also add some new terminology to your toxic workplace dictionary: dictum and suck-up-i-ness. Join us as we spill some tea.


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