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Performance Madness

Ah, the performance review.  One of the most anticipated- and dreaded- events of the year, as these reviews often come with annual raises- which takes you down a whole other rabbit hole of how these reviews come together, and the reindeer games that ensue.  Reindeer games? It is no longer the holiday season.  Let it go, gang.

A survey of 837 companies performed by WTW revealed that only 26% of those surveyed felt their performance appraisal process was effective.  A Gallup study (2022) found that 95% of managers are dissatisfied with their organization's review system; that same study found that only 20% of employees are inspired by their review.

When you consider that nearly half of all companies provide performance appraisals once a year, it is critical to get this right.  Failure to address these issues contributes to a toxic workplace culture. 

Learn about the most common issues with performance appraisals, including central tendency error, halo effects, and more.   Hear harrowing tails of the dreaded "360 review". Glean sage advice from Melissa Tipton for both manager and teammate to get the most out of the review process- and how leadership needs to set the stage for standards and properly allocate the raises.

Our hosts are joined by return guest Melissa Tipton, Director of Client Strategy for Compass Business Solutions.  Melissa is a visionary in rethinking the employee experience. Having worked across multiple industries, Melissa partners with clients to capture their culture, mission, and values to drive organizational performance. Melissa holds a BS in Education from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Park University.

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