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People are f*cked up! PAFU to you, too!

We encourage everyone to meditate upon their interactions with others on this podcast. We believe that positive interactions are everyone's responsibility; in Taylor Swift's words, "It's me. I'm the problem, it's me." There are times, though, when it's not you. It really is them. They are the problem because they are PAFU.

In this episode, we explore individual toxicity, and its impact on the team, the customer, and ultimately the business. People make or break a business- when you have a PAFU culture, your end up with BIFU- Business Is F*cked Up.

When you have clutched your pearls to strangulation, when you have turned your sensitivity dial down to zero, and when you are comfortable that no one can hear you play this podcast, enjoy! We drop the F-bomb a LOT more than usual in this episode! We promise it is not for shock value. We are honoring our esteemed guest, Roy Nassau!

After 44 years in the hospitality industry, Roy Nassau retired from Marriott International in 2020. All those years of dealing with thousands of people- employees, bosses, business owners, and guests- Roy has developed some keen insight and understanding about people. Of note is that, in his observation, many people can say and do things that are annoying, irritating, illogical, and can be, quite simply, f*cked up!

In need of a way to call out this delusional behavior, Roy coined the term PAFU- People Are F*cked Up. He has since created the PAFU Nation and completed a book on the subject. Roy wants to share his insight and expertise to help people see PAFU behavior so as to mitigate it and make working and living together more enjoyable.

When not writing and speaking about PAFU, Roy lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, partakes in a daily nap, an occasional trip to the beach, and weekly golf outings. He and his wife enjoy planning vacations and love visiting the children and grandchildren.

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