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Outing the Covert Abusers Is Easy with a High EQ!

We have spoken extensively about the overt abuser- the screamer, the bully, even the psychopath (remember- it has been estimated that 25% of CEOs are psychopathic- makes so much more sense!).  What about the covert abuser? The aggressor that plays victim. The low-key schemer. The saboteur.

According to Psychology Today, the abuse from these muted narcissistic bandits is no less harmful than the full-on assault of their puffed-up psychopathic counterparts.  We felt it worthy to place a spotlight on the subject and send these passive-aggressive parasites scrambling for the darkness in which they reside. Ok, dramatic, but you so is the impact from these individuals. They defend and disarm, cheer and then scathe, sympathize and then stab.  They sap the strength of Samson himself- but there is a way to protect yourself- even thrive-Emotional intelligence!

We will discuss how a high EQ is the best weapon against these- and other- psychological abusers in the workplace and beyond.

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