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Mobbing (In the Workplace)

Bullying has evolved. “Mobbing” involves strategy against a target, eliciting the worst elements of harassment, alienation and obstruction to achieve a diminishment of the target’s power, or even the target themselves. The resulting mental and physical drain leaves the target in emotional and physical disarray. We will discuss the concept of “mobbing”, share stories, and wrap with strategies to save yourself- or your company.

With special guest, Deb Falzoi. Deb Falzoi believes all employees deserve dignity and respect at work for well-being. She helps employees define themselves according to their own values and teaches their employers how to get results by focusing on employees' power. She built a base of more than 10,000 workplace anti-bullying legislation supporters. She's helped hundreds of abused employees understand their abuse situations, discover their self-worth, and learn how to move on from their toxic work cultures. She's been quoted in numerous media outlets including Redbook, Forbes, Monster, and Truthout. She hosts the "Screw the Hierarchy" podcast, co-founded End Workplace Abuse, and co-authored the Workplace Psychological Safety Act.


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