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Layoffs and Lies- Attrition and Admonition

This episode examines one of the most toxic events to occur in any workplace- the layoff. The mandatory meeting, the speedy, sterile speech that informs you of your sudden entry into a financial peril and career upheaval...all deemed a "necessary evil" for companies to survive these turbulent times.

Well, they got the "evil" part right, anyway- particularly when the survivors of layoffs face additional workload, stress, and uncertainty about their futures, particularly when employers are not truthful and transparent about the missteps that led to these events- or take any accountability for their role at all. The betrayal of trust is spun into cowardice-yellow and sinister-black threads, but rarely the white thread of transparency and truth.

Impacted employees deal with sudden separation, lack of community, and, in some cases, the loss of their hopes and expectations from the position. Severance agreements, when available, offer a brief bridge, but little comfort in a down market- let alone with a stigma that attrited employees were the "bad" employees.

Mary Marbach, corporate legal counsel, joins us to discuss layoffs, disparagement clauses, and the right way leaders can handle these unfortunate events. Mary began her career in Palo Alto, California specializing in M&A and public company work. Her career led her to Florida, with several key positions, focusing on corporate work for companies at all stages. She has served in the C-suite as Chief Legal Officer and is currently General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Savant Science, Inc.

Affected employees and those doomed to absorb additional duties will benefit from tips in this episode. Want to share your story? Send it to!

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