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Is PTO My Time, Your Time, or Our Time?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Vacation, all I ever wanted! In your company, does PTO stand for Potential Time Off? Have you been tricked by being offered unlimited PTO, only to find out that it's neither unlimited, nor guaranteed time off? Did you know that you can negotiate PTO time as part of your overall compensation? This episode is for everyone dreaming of real paid time off and not confusing policies or opaque vacation approval requirements.

In our latest episode of Toxic Tearoom, we discuss paid time off policies and how they can be abused in a toxic work environment. Cowboy Saurabh schools us on international paid leave policies -- 28 days off in the U.K.! Lioness Stella is really happy that she can time off at the end of the year because our management team hasn't blocked off holiday weeks for themselves. And Creative Alison is not looking forward to covering for Cowboy Saurabh's 2 week vacation. Who takes 2 weeks of PTO anyway?

Everyone should know the legal requirements for PTO in their state and country and become familiar with a company's PTO policy, including PTO payouts, before you accept their job offer. And before you look for a job, spruce up your resume!

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