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Is HR your friend, frenemy, or foe?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Ah, Human Resources. The nicest, friendliest people in the company. They are responsible to hire you, train you, set the stage to develop you, and are tasked with all the “fun” stuff- Christmas parties, events, and more. You can almost believe that they are your friend. However, when you are getting harassed, or worse, you need to realize that HR is there to protect the company- not you. Let's discuss the role of HR and how it can impact your work experience.

With special guest, Cynthia Farrell. Cynthia believes that great places to work - and great business results - are based on behaviors, not beer in the break room. She brings this mantra to life as Chief Talent Strategist for her consulting clients, designing and driving leadership, talent, team, and culture development engagements to retain the talent they can't afford to lose. She is also an in-demand executive coach and advisor, blending proven coaching approaches with her experience working with and influencing C-suite leaders. She is known for bringing heart, courage, humor, and empathy into her work and speaking. When she's not helping her clients, you can find her living her best life in the mountains of Colorado.


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