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I'm not projecting! You're projecting!

Projections- gaslighting in 3D- are both aggressive and defensive mechanisms that we find equally fascinating and frustrating.  In the office, these projections can create a narrative that alters how others perceive you.  In your personal life, these projections create dysfunctional- even abusive- relationships.

Your hosts discuss examples of projections at work, home, and even a police officer in a convenience store.  Listen to how to identify projections, deflect those projections back, regain sanity, and work on restoring a productive relationship.

The Four Agreements - highly recommended by Stella!

Projections- A Story of Human Emotions- FREE with an Audible trial! - Use TOXICTEAROOM at checkout for 15% off job listings!

Escatena - Unleash uncommon results with Escatena!

Relax LEGALLY with Canna River (except Idaho.  Too bad for Idaho.)

Therapy Notebooks- Document your feelings, practice your projections, whatever.

Send us your horror stories, your most memorable projections, and other tips, tricks, and topics! We love to hear from you!

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