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Grateful for Dynamic Leadership

Your hosts are grateful to bring Greg Taylor, author of Find Your Winning Edge, renowned leadership coach and motivational speaker, to the podcast! What better way to manage a busy Thanksgiving week than with the positivity and real-world guidance from Greg Taylor? Well, we can't think of any! Greg Taylor has over 35 years of experience in corporate and personal leadership. Greg has honed a process of insight discovery that has led to numerous successes, failures, triumphs, and bruises. Through his work, Greg aims to help people learn from their experiences, inspire themselves, and create profound, lasting change that positively impacts everyone around them. Greg is the host of The Leadership Factory podcast and is a professional speaker. He and his lovely wife of 35 years, Mickey, have two sons and 3 grandchildren. Greg has a genuine love for people and has the unique ability to relate topics of discussion to the hearts and spirits of the audience. Oh- and he's Trent Taylor's (Chicago Bears) dad. :) Spotify Playlist- A special soundtrack you will be thankful to play as you prepare Thanksgiving dinner! Find Your Winning Edge The Leadership Factory Podcast (Apple Music) Greg Taylor's personal cell phone number: (318) 230-6481 (tell him you heard him on The Toxic Tearoom!) HireMyMom: Get 15% off job listings with code ToxicTearoom at checkout! Escatena- Unleash Uncommon Results! Get Scope 3 sustainability with us!

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