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Gossipy Goose and Slander Gander

We're back, bitches! ;)

After a year (!) of providing content on toxic work environments, your hosts had an epiphany. 

Toxic behaviors are the cause of toxic work environments; toxic people exhibit toxic behaviors.  Toxic people don't leave work and become different people- so what happens to the families, friends, and communities infected with toxicity? It was worth adding chairs to the table to spill even more tea.

Don't worry- we are not abandoning the workplace; rather, we are expanding beyond it to include topics such as financial abuse, toxic traits, and even toxicity in religion (pearl clutch warning!).  We want to provide a holistic view of the behaviors that bleed into our lives so that you are better equipped to handle these people when they cross your path- including at work. 

This episode expands upon gossip and slander- a topic covered in season 2- from a unique perspective.  Your hosts share personal stories of slander and the impact of those experiences, how they overcame those issues, and how to move peace forward. 

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