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Gossips, Informers, and Other Toxic Waste

What is the difference between spilling the tea and gossip? This podcast focuses on issues centered on toxic work environments from first-hand experiences. Gossip focuses on the salacious, nasty bits of humanity that cause incredible harm.

Everyone gossips and everyone has been a target of gossipers, whether you know it or not. Galen Emanuele states, "Gossiping, rumors, and badmouthing others is a one-sided way to handle or create conflict and it’s incredibly toxic to culture and relationships."

In the most toxic organizations, gossip and rumors are used as tools to keep employees fearful of approaching sensitive topics such as compensation and promotions. It can be used to make some employees feel special, by asking those employees to spy on others and report back what they learn- sowing even more distrust and destroying teams.

In this episode, we discuss the difference between rumors and gossip, the harm that is caused, and what you can do about it. Our very special guest is Melissa Tipton, Director of Client Strategy at Compass Business Solutions. Melissa has an exceptional record of increasing engagement in training and equipping future leaders with the skills needed to lead successful teams. Melissa holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Park University. Compass maximizes organizational performance through a wide variety of programs designed to empower the backbone of any organization — its people. Their experts deliver strategic guidance needed to confidently grow your business, hire and develop talent, boost engagement, and much more.

Thanks for listening to Toxic Tearoom! Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Patreon. Are you in a toxic workplace? Tell us about it at We promise anonymity, empathy, and a healthy dose of humor.

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