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Get Teabagged: Screwed by a Startup and Sex Offenders and Embezzlers, Oh My!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Have you ever googled a co-worker and found out they are a sex offender? How about looking up the finance team lead and finding out they have been charged with embezzlement? In today’s episode, we catch up on the stories submitted to The Teabag and commiserate with our fellow tea drinkers on their toxic work environments. From the recent barrage of layoffs, to high pressure sales environments that don’t result in a high commission check, or any commission check, to very questionable hiring practices that lead to potential unsafe co-workers, we hit on the lows and even lower of these toxic workplaces. We are ready to spill the tea with our special guest and friend, Swati Jain.

Swati Jain is a product management leader and business advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit. Swati has a diverse background in developing software products for supply chain and healthcare businesses and has also spent many years advising companies as an enterprise software and digital transformation consultant. Swati started her career in computer science as a software quality assurance specialist during the early years of web 1.0 businesses, and has been on the cutting edge of technology advancements in B2B software since then. Swati has been coaching professionals for over a decade and recently launched her coaching business, “Get reEmpowered”. She is on a mission to reshape work cultures by reimagining human connection - one re-empowered leader at a time.


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