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Get Teabagged- Again! Recovery and Redemption

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The toxic tea is poured from select listener submissions in this episode. Sales salary woes, harassment in the skies (and on the ground!), and a letter that brought tears to the hosts' eyes...we all need to do better for each other. Tawn Krakowski joins your hosts and shares a story of her very own! Tawn was born in Illinois, yet inexplicably filled with an "aloha!" spirit. Tawn has made a home in the beautiful state of Arizona with her family and feline minions. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management, has worked as a cargo and passenger airline transport pilot, authored and published four novels, and is currently concentrating on writing books and writing/producing audiobooks. Tawn is not one to sit idle!

As Roberta likes to say, we take issues seriously on this podcast, even if we don't take ourselves seriously. Suicide ideation is addressed in this episode. We urge all listeners to pay attention to each other, to listen to each other, and to stand with each other. Take the time to listen to someone telling you they are hurting. If you are thinking of harming yourself, please contact one of the resources we have shared below- we honestly care about every one of you. Thank you, Crystal, for being part of this family. We love you! Spotify Playlist for this Episode - Songs that match the moods of our listeners! Bye! I Quit! - Harper Celebrate, author, shares the snarkiest way to leave that job! The Friendly Skies Are Not So Friendly Payscale- See What Your Job Is Worth Call or Text 988- Suicide Prevention Hotline SAMHSA Hotline- Get help 24/7 Therapy Resources- Online as well! Get more of Tawn!

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