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Generation Z in the Toxic Workplace: When Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z Collide

Hold on to your Honda Civics, Gen Z is coming in with a neutral drop that will kill the corporate transmission. Generation Z, defined as people born between 1995 and 2012, is the newest generation to enter the workforce, and they are bringing with them a new set of expectations. This podcast will explore the dynamics playing out as companies are trying to appease four generations of workers in one corporate culture. According to Deloitte: Generation Z will soon surpass Millennials as the most populous generation on earth, with more than one-third of the world’s population counting themselves as Gen Zers. In the US, Gen Z constitutes more than a quarter of the population and will be the most diverse generation in the nation’s history. Gen Z will account for 27% of the workforce by 2027 according to Business Insider.

Baby Boomers created the corporate game. Gen X learned how to play the game. Millennials changed the game and now Gen Z is asking why we are even playing this game. We will touch on what Gen Z wants from their jobs, how they are changing the workplace, and what employers need to do to attract and retain this talented generation.

If you are an employer and want to adapt quickly, this podcast is essential listening. Gen Z is the future of the workforce, and by understanding their needs and expectations, you can position your company for success. If you are a Gen Z worker, this podcast is for you too. We are joined by one of our favorite millennials, Sarah Kessler and Future of Work expert, Lucy Kemp. Lucy has over 15 years of experience from startup through large enterprises, in companies including Unilever, Skype, and Dixa. She has served in a number of employee experience and internal communications roles. Currently, Lucy is an Employee Experience and Future of Work consultant for a number of technology companies who are interested in adapting their work cultures for the next generation.


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