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For those about to hire, we salute you!

We have to admit- it is tough out there. A recent review of LinkedIn job posts displayed hundreds of candidates for every post! Networking gives an advantage in both hiring and getting hired, though networking alone is not enough.

We asked our friends at Hire My Mom ( for some ideas. We wanted to highlight their suite of tools- including classes!- and provide valuable tips for the job seeker and the hiring manager.

Let's start with the job seeker. Polishing off that resume is a given- but how can you make that resume stand out? Hire My Mom offers online classes on that topic, and can even compose a top-notch resume for you! Decided that the return-to-office trend is not aligned with your vision? They have a course just for you (and jobs, too! Like this one! WFH Customer Service) With your coursework complete and a shiny new resume, browse through the job postings from the same site! Hire My Mom even offers a special package (The Works!) to get your resume, cover letter, and interview skills in tip-top shape! Get that winning edge to get that new role!

Employers, we feel for you, too. Hundreds- literally hundreds- of resumes flooding your inbox can force you to resort to algorithms or glances to find the right candidate. Hire My Mom delivers for employers like you as well! Post with Hire My Mom to get select candidates that are ready to add value to your organization without the follows, messages, and sterile approaches on other job boards. The difference is Hire My Mom's Concierge Service! Hire My Mom gets to understand your business, the role, and the ideal candidate you seek, serving as an extension of you- including interviewing the candidates to save you time and get you that star candidate your business seeks. You are involved in the process, but not overwhelmed by the process, which sounds like a winning combination to us!

Hire My Mom has graciously offered our listeners a 15% discount on job postings or a 15% discount on the"Hiring Made Easy" course! Use code ToxicTeaRoom at checkout!

By the way- we recognize that good organizations value great cultures and want to ensure a continuation of that culture for remote employees as well. Remote work continues to be a high-value item these days- but it is important to get the right remote teammates and avoid toxicity! We believe it all starts at the hire, so we are happy to share this link for a free download of Hire My Mom's 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Professional.

We are grateful to Hire My Mom for working with us to provide our listeners with amazing opportunities to improve their careers, their candidates, and their lives. We encourage everyone to visit Hire My Mom to learn more!

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