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Face It- You're In a Corporate Cult!

We are not telling you that designing your office in corporate colors is terrible. Things like company get-togethers, a code of conduct, and a mission statement- all perfectly normal, run-of-the-mill corporate stuff. In fact, many of those things are elements of a healthy, communicative, connected culture. We applaud that!

It is when the healthy aspects of corporate culture, meant to convey unity and inclusion, are perverted into exclusionary and divisive measures that create an environment that is more akin to a cult than a company. Corporate cults master manipulation from recruitment to indoctrination to involuntary servitude to isolation. Individualism makes you an outsider; questions make you combative. You are lowered into the warm water like the proverbial frog, not realizing that you are boiling until you can no longer leap out of the pot.

In this episode, we explore the 8 steps taken by real cults to recruit, control and retain members. Is it a stretch to compare your company culture to a cult? Your hosts Roberta and Stella explore the topic for your listening pleasure!

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