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Eating Toxicity- Scrumptious!

We all love a drive-thru to fill empty bellies after soccer practice or to stave off the late-night munchies. Special occasions are marked with white-linen dinners. We march in slow silence down buffets at brunches. We grab our phone to deliver business lunches so we can keep working...just like all the food service employees that make this all possible.


Eating out is so critical to our culture that restaurant employees were seen as essential during the pandemic, even as the notoriously crowded kitchens did not allow ample space for personnel to maintain a safe distance. When the employee(s) would come down with COVID, they were asked to find their own replacement more often than not- a policy that remains in place for the majority of the service industry.

Yo Mama's Foods were not treating people that way! In this episode, we touch upon the toxicity of the restaurant industry with Danny Tee, an industry veteran, and consultant with over 20 years of management experience in all aspects of the food service industry, from catering to fast casual. Danny shares insight from the business view and his evolution into an empathetic leader in the space.

Sick of working in food service? Give Hire My Mom a try! Some links may result in a small commission paid to Toxic Tearoom. We appreciate your support of these fine companies and this podcast!

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