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Calm Within The Storm- Leadership 2.0

Clouds gather in a once clear sky. The light gray wisps change to deepening shades of threat. Breezes that dance with your hair morph into slaps across your face. You race for shelter as the first violent drops fall from the sky; no pace is sufficient to avoid the emotions in the drops that drench you to your bones.

You reach the door, relieved. The decision turns the knob and you step inside, where relief turns to despair- the swirling chaos of the storm replaces the shelter you anticipated. There are no walls to protect you. No roof shields you from the hail that rains down around you. Your eyes are drawn to the litter within the vortex before you- shreds of gleaming promises, contorted faces frozen in their last expression of anger, painful, blackened threads of whispers and gossip- and you realize that you have not escaped the storm, but are instead fused with it. The allegory of a violent storm compared to a day in a toxic work environment may seem dramatic. However, for those dealing with toxic leaders, bullies, bossholes, and the like, the storm is very real. Employment should not feel like deployment- and leaders need to provide the calm within the storm to create an inclusive, productive, and positive environment. Alain Hyppolite joins our hosts to discuss this important approach. Alain is a Canadian-born Haitian father and husband who moonlights as a content creator and writer. With more than 10 years of leadership experience, Alain spends his time challenging the emotionless corporate grind and sharing how true leadership stems from the heart, not just the head. See more of Alain's content on LinkedIn, Medium, and his site. Spotify Playlist- curated especially for this episode! Alain Hyppolite's Website Medium Healthy Work Survey Hire My Mom! Use code ToxicTearoom at checkout for a 15% discount on job listings! Escatena- Unleash Uncommon Results

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