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About the podcast

Do you know someone who's struggling with a toxic work environment? Or maybe you're going through it yourself? You're not alone!

Introducing Toxic Tearoom, a new podcast that addresses toxic workplace issues in an entertaining and insightful way. Each episode tackles a different topic, ranging from dealing with toxic coworkers, to identifying and addressing workplace bullying, to finding ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of a toxic workplace.

Started as a passion project, our podcast highlights guest hosts and experts that shed a light on workplace woes, crushing corporate cockroaches, and celebrating the champions in all of us. 


Together, we can make our workplaces better for everyone.

Episodes, show notes and resource links available on our blog!  Check out what we curated for your listening pleasure on our custom Spotify links for each episode!

Ready to spill the tea on toxic work environments?

Join your fellow tea drinkers as they navigate sticky and steamy workplace woes. 

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Hosts and Guests

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We love your ideas, even if your bosshole doesn't.

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